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Senior Career Seminar


Senior Career Seminar



Conemaugh Township’s Senior Career Seminar experience seeks to provide students with an important challenge:  to do some serious thinking about a possible career choice, then put that thinking into action by both job shadowing and researching this field of interest.


The Conemaugh Township Area School District requires completion of this culminating project, assuring that each student is able to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and communicate significant knowledge and understanding of their future career and/or collegiate planning.


Progress on the Senior Career Seminar requirement is monitored by the senior English instructor, although it does not earn points toward the English grade.  Meeting progress deadlines and completing all components will result in a final grade (100 points possible); this score will appear on the last report card for the grade 12 year and earns .5 credits toward graduation.


All seminar shadowing hours should be completed over the summer of 2016, with the exception of those students shadowing educators.   We then move to the next phases of the seminar requirements when classes resume in September.  


There are several required forms associated with the completion of the SCS requirement.  Most of those forms can be found below:


Hourly Log Form--orange.docx
Mentor Comments Form (blue).docx
Proposal Form.doc--purple
Self-Assessment (yellow).doc


 The documents below are for your information/reference only:

Presentation Evaluation.doc



If you require further assistance, I can be contacted via email at tara.kimmel@ctasd.org or via school phone at 479-4014.  During the summer, I check my email weekly and will answer any questions or concerns you may have via email.