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Are the standards on the Standards Aligned System the most recent version?

Yes, the Pennsylvania Academic and Core Standards found on the portal are the most recently revised version of the Standards.  As revisions are made, we will update the portal with the most recent information.

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What is a School-Wide Area of Focus?

A School-Wide Area of Focus contains Standards that address a specific focus for all grade levels, PreK - 12.  Currently you can search for Standards in English Language Proficiency.

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 I've noticed that the coding for the standards tends to be in a numerical/alphabetical sequence.  Why are some standards missing?

In many cases, a Standard is not addressed at certain grade levels.  In the PDF versions of the standards documents, you will occasionally notice that some standards are marked as "Intentionally Blank".  When we coded the standards, we included the "Intentionally Blank" standards in our numbering/lettering.  We do not have these standards appear when you perform a View Standards or Browse Standards search, but you will see them appear in the Vertical Viewer; click here for an example.

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 Where can I find the Alternate Learning Standards?

The Alternate Content Standards provide the targets for instruction and student learning essential for success in the environments in and out of school that students with severe disabilities are likely to encounter. They describe what students with the most significant cognitive disabilities should know and be able to do in literacy and mathematics at four grade spans (third/fourth, fifth/sixth, seventh/eighth and eleventh).  They are available on the Download PDFs - Download Standards tab within Standards.

Alternate Assessment Anchors clarify the standards assessed on the PASA and can be used by educators to help prepare their students for the PASA. The Alternate Assessment Anchors do not replace the Alternate Content Standards.  They are available on the Download PDFs - Download PSSA Anchors tab within Standards.


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What are PA Core Standards?

The State Board adopted Common Core Standards in July 2010. Since that time, the decision was made to craft a set of PA Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics, as well as for English Language Arts in History/Social Studies and Science/Technical Subjects. A group of Pennsylvania educators created a draft set of PA Core Standards. These new standards mirror the content and rigor of Common Core, but reflect the organization and design of the PA Academic Standards.

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