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Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction

Use these sites to help you identify strategies to more effectively learn about the interests and abilities of the students you teach, to develop lessons that meet the diverse needs of the learners in your classroom, and to unleash the power of technology to provide students with support, opportunity, and choice.

DI Introductory Sites and Ideas for Technology Integration into DI Strategies (start here)

Tools for Differentiation Wonderful resource link for DI strategies in a nutshell.  Locate the technique you'd like to use here.  Then, find a way to implement it in your classroom.  Tech resources are NOT included on the site, but once you have identified the strategy, then visit the link below.

Tech 4 DI Wiki  Go here to read about DI strategies, how to use technology to enhance your ability to differentiate for your students, books to read, and more.

4Teachers: Teach With Technology  Links to some of the most powerful resources on the web to help you integrate technology into your classroom.

Scroll to the table at the bottom of this page for a wealth of resources on Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction.

Coat of Arms sites:

Personal Coat of Arms (printout)

Alnwick Castle (create online and print)

Victoria and Albert Museum Design a Coat of Arms (create online and print or e-mail)


National Gallery of Art: Kids Collage Machines (create online, print and/or capture screenshot)

Wallwisher Wall wisher allows students to use virtual post-it notes to post their input and tidbits on any particular topic.  All students can then participate by contributing in any way that they are able.  This is great for individual or group research or for posting reflections on a topic.

Surveys and Inventories:

What's Your Learning Style? 24-question test helps you determine your learning style.  Sign up for a free account.

Learning Styles Online  Seventy questions.  Free.  Includes explanation of the learning styles, and provides a graphic of results.

Free Online Surveys

PollDaddy (can insert in blogs and Web pages)

Interest Inventory for Late Elementary and Middle School Students (printout only)

Scholastic Interest Inventory (printout only)

If I Ran the School (printout only)

Checklists and Pretests:

Project-Based Learning Checklist Creator

Entrance Cards: for Warm-Up Questions, Prompts, and Posters

Web Poster Wizard

KWL Charts:

KWL Generator

KWL Chart (printout)

KWL Chart (printable)

Autobiographical Products:

Autobiographical Timeline


Flip Book

Profile Publisher

Our Time Lines

Quiz Generators:



Personal Educational Press

Investigation and Games Sites:

Click HERE to visit the NWLMS Teacher Resource Page containing these links.

You Quote It, You Note It (Plagiarism Tutorial)  10 minute student tutorial allows students to choose a character, who then models how to do a research project ethically and efficiently.  Defines plagiarism and shows students how to avoid it in a fun way.

Portfolio Assessments:

Portfolio Assessment

The Digital Portfolio: A Richer Picture of Student Performance

Assistive Technology:

Read the Words This site allow you to paste in any text, whether from a document, the web, or an RSS feed, and the avatar will read it back to you.  If you create an account (for free) you have even more options.

READable An online tool that will calculate the readability level of websites based on several reading indexes including the Flesch-Kincaid scale.  Simply find a website that you want to use; copy the URL and paste it into the URL field of the Read-able page listed above and Read-able will calculate the reading level of the website text.

Differentiated Instruction

Students learn at different rates and in different ways.  Technology supports instructional strategies by creating new routes to learning and addressing multiple learning needs.  Differentiate instruction by using the wealth of digital resources that will challenge and engage all multiple intelligences and learning styles. 
General Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction
Differentiated Lesson Examples Learning Styles
Methods to Differentiate Instruction Multiple Intelligences
bullet ....This page contains links to outside sources.  The Lee's Summit R-7 School District is not responsible for any content housed/published on those sites.


Beacon Learning Lesson plans with three learning levels
CAST:  Differentiated Instruction Basic information and resource links
Differentiated Instruction Effective strategies, tips, tools and techniques of differentiated instruction, creation tiered lesson
Differentiated Instruction in Willmette From a school district who is doing it!
Differentiation Links to multiple resources
Differentiation Overview A broad look at differentiated instruction
Everything  DI Examples of differentiating content, process and product
Quality Thinking Links to proven approaches and models of the teaching of thinking
Reading Rockets Explanation of Differentiated Instruction
Tools for Differentiation Wiki of resources to assist in differentiated instruction
Welcome to Differentiated Instruction Resources for Parents, Students and Teachers

Lesson Examples    

Blogging with Laptops Differentiating lessons through blogging
Flight Plans Flight plans for learning: differentiation and deep thinking through technology
Differentiated Instruction
Includes links to Instructional Theory; Practical Tips; Sample Units and Lessons
Leon County Differentiated lessons
NGFL Online teaching and learning resources
Ten Tips These resources help students who need scaffolding to build connections
Tiered Curriculum Project Examples of differentiated instruction by grade level and subject

Methods to Differentiate Instruction  

A Different Place Many resources for differentiation
Adapting Instruction Highlights nine different ways to adapt instruction
Differentiated Instruction for Disabilities Teachers Strategies for adapting instruction
Differentiated Instruction Resources Multiple resources
How to Plan for Differentiated Instruction Guide and resources for planning differentiated instruction
Reading Quest Strategies for teaching reading; Social Studies
Room with a View From Middleweb; instructional strategies

Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction  

Cited Strategies for using technology in the classroom
Enhancing Instruction with Technology Methods of using technology to differentiate instruction
Infusing Technology Into Your Classroom Technology rich lesson plans
Integrating Technology Into Research Strategies Suggestions for using technology to implement research
Making Windows XP More Accessible to Everyone Tips on accessibility
Physical Education and Technology Resources Resources for integrating technology in physical education
Success Through Technology & Differentiation Learn how to use technology to differentiate instruction; Eduscape
Technology Lessons Lessons which use technology all grade levels
Technology and Multiple Intelligences Many resources for using instructional technology
Teacher Network Many resources all subjects
Technology Integration Unit Planning Resources and ideas for planning a technology unit
Technology in P.E. Suggestions for using technology in physical education which can be extrapolated to differentiated instruction
Technology Tips for Differentiated Instruction Tips for using technology with diverse learners
Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction Workshop on how to use technology to differentiate instruction; click on words at top not on Enter here

Learning Styles  

All School Guide Figuring out what type of learner you are
Abiator's Online Learning Styles Inventory Two learning-style and one thinking-style inventories
Learning Styles Online Includes an online inventory and information
Learning Styles Online Test Determine your learning style
What is YOUR Learning Style Online inventory and helpful information

Multiple Intelligences   

BFGL Multiple Intelligences MI resources
Building Tool Room Resources about teaching and learning strategies as they relate to multiple intelligences theory
Career Areas for Multiple Intelligences Find out what career choices best suit each of the intelligences
I Think, Therefore M I Multiple Intelligences resources; inventory; strategies
Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences An explanation of learning styles and multiple intelligences to help those with learning disabilities develop strategies to capitalize on their strengths; includes a teaching style inventory
MI Visual  Inventory Online inventory that displays results visually
Performance Assessment Products Products that can be used with performance based and multiple intelligence lessons
Tapping Into Multiple Intelligences Resources for integrating MI theory into the classroom