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Total Behavior Management

These websites were recommended to the elementary staff during Kathryn Phillips' presentation, "RTI Model for Difficult and Disruptive Behaviors: Total Behavior Management."


Kathryn Phillips' Website, Total Behavior Management  http://www.totalbehaviormanagement.com

Link to her downloadable forms and list of books:  http://www.totalbehaviormanagement.com/AdditionalResources/index.html 


 Kathryn's PowerPoint is HERE. Kathryn Phillips.ppt (note: videos not included here)

INTERVENTION CENTRAL Loads of free and easy to use tools such as behavior charts, automated behavior plan builder, etc.

Books specifically mentioned in the training:

Book, "Teacher's Guide to Behavioral Interventions." Justine Snyder has a copy.

Book, "Practical Guide to Students with Disruptive, Defiant, or Disrespectful Behaviors."

Books by Julia Cook with teacher guides. 


Sites listed in her PowerPoint presentation that she recommends you consult:

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports http://www.pbis.org

Behavior Doctor http://www.behaviordoctor.org

Discipline Help http://www.disciplinehelp.org

RTI Network http://www.rtinetwork.org

Behavior Advisor http://www.behavioradvisor.com

Teaching Tolerance http://teachingtolerance.org


Email questions to kathryn@totalbehaviormanagement.com


Site that allows you to enter a code to connect directly to someone's voicemail:  Slydial