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Managing Favorite Websites

Managing Favorites

Whew!  Keeping all those great websites organized sure can be tough!

Follow these steps to keep your favorites organized! 

1.  If you use the site on a daily basis, create a shortcut to it on your desktop.

2.  Get out of the habit of just adding websites to your favorites.  Instead, select "Create in folder..."  Be sure to create meaningful folders in which to store your favorites.

3.  Consider transporting your favorites file on your USB jump drive so that you'll always have those sites at your fingertips.  You could also save them in a folder on the H drive.

Better yet, sign up for a social bookmarking site, which allows you to create a searchable database of your favorites by tagging them with descriptors, and gives you a means of sharing your favorites as you find them!  Choose one of these:  DIIGO or DELICIOUS