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Chapter 14.1 & 14.2

Chapter 14 – Human Heredity

big idea is the same as in chapter 11 (intro to genetics),  only now we are applying the concepts to humans

Big Idea #10:  Hereditary information is inherited and expressed. (The Laws of inheritance in sexual reproduction are determined by genetics. The gene is the common functional unit of heredity.)

  1. The DNA that comprises an organism’s genome is organized into chromosomes. (S11.B.2.2.1)
  2. Genes and their related proteins comprise chromosomes. (S11.B.2.2.1)
  3. One or more pairs of genes code for the expression of inherited traits. (S11.B.2.1.2; S11.B.2.1.4; S11.B.2.2.1)
  4. Two or more versions of a gene (alleles) contribute to the expression of inherited traits. (S11.B.2.1.4; S11.B.2.2.1)
  5. Meiosis involves a two-step nuclear division reducing the number of chromosomes in half – producing gametes. (S11.B. 1.1.3; S11.B.2.1.4; S11.B.2.2.1 & 2 & 3)
  6. During the process of meiosis genetic recombinations may occur contributing to genetic variability within a population. (S11.B. 1.1.3; S11.B.2.1.4; S11.B.2.2.1 & 2 & 3)
  7. Patterns of inheritance reflecting how genes interact and express themselves (including dominant, recessive, codominance, incomplete dominance, sex-linked, sex-influenced, multiple alleles) can be predicted, observed, and described.  S11.B.2.1.4; S11.B.2.2.1 & 2 & 3)
  8. The Punnet square is a tool that can be used to predict the probability of an offspring’s genotype and phenotype. (S11.B.2.2.1 & 2 & 3)


Miller Levine Chapter 14 Textbook

Chapter 14 Study Workbook – whole thing with vocab review


DAY 141

14.1 Human Chromosomes (14.1 Lesson Overview PowerPoint 37 slides)

Identify the types of human chromosomes in a karyotype

Describe the inheritance of human traits

Explain how pedigrees are used to study human traits

review chromosomes: Chromosomes and Inheritance


a) My 14.1 Human Heredity Notes page 1 & Human Heredity PowerPoint (slides 1-6)

b) Lab: A Chromosome Study (Biology Corner) – cut out chromosomes & build one of two normal or 4 abnormal karyotypes

(Online Karyotyping: Make A Karyotype - Learn Genetics - University of Utah or Karyotype Drag-and-Drop Activity)

c) 14.1 Study Workbook

Learn what a karyotype is

Prepare a karyotype of a normal human’s chromosomes

Prepare a karyotype of an abnormal human’s chromosomes

Chromosome Gallery (chromosomes, genes, traits & diseases):





DAY 142, 143 & 144 – go over 14.1 SW day 144

– finish kayotype lab questions

Simple & Complex Human Inheritance – may need to finish up karyotype lab

  1. Genetics & Heredity Concept Map
  2. My 14.1 Human Genetics Notes page 2 & Human Heredity PowerPoint (slides 7-34)
  3. “Blood Types & Inheritance” worksheet together àmore blood problems? – did before with Chapter 11
  4. sex linked worksheets: – hand in when completed

Sex-linked Traits Worksheet (12 problems)

Genetics X-linked Genes Fruit fly (10 problems) – biology corner

Sex Linked Traits (no excuses) – 4 problems

SpongeBob Genetics: “Blood Types & Sex-Linked Traits” (9 problems) – revised 2014

Sex Linked Traits Fox Worksheet

  1. 14.1 Study Workbook

Become familiar with traits that are inherited in humans with simple dominant & recessive alleles

Explain how blood types are an example of incompletely dominant alleles

Define the terms X-linked & Y-linked

Describe how red-green colorblindness & hemophilia are sex-linked traits

Predict blood types of potential offspring from parental types or possible parental types from that of offspring

Do problems to demonstrate how sex linked traits are passed from parents to offspring



Sex-linked Traits

  1. Lab 23: Sex-Linked or Not Sex Linked

Mark coins to represent genes & chromosomes in gamete cells of human males & females

Toss two coins together to simulate the offspring observed if muscular dystrophy is sex linked.

Toss two coins together to simulate the offspring observed if muscular dystrophy is not sex linked.

Determine whether or not muscular dystrophy is sex-linked through the analysis of your data & statements supplied by a hospital

  1. 14.1 Study Workbook


TedEd: Sex Determination More Complicated than You Think (5:46)

DAY 145

Human Pedigree

  1. Do “Human Pedigree” worksheet together (slides 35-44 of Human Heredity PowerPoint)

Worksheets: Whale Book Patterns of Heredity R&SG, Whale Book Patterns of Heredity CM, Frog Book Human Pedigrees

  1. Lab 20: Pedigree Studies

Learn the meanings of all symbols & lines that are used in a pedigree

Calculate the expected genotypes for all individuals shown in the pedigree

  1. 14.1 Study Workbook due tomorrow


DAY 146

14.2 Human Genetic Disorders

  1. 14.2 Human Genetics Disorders Lesson Overview PowerPoint (24 slides)

Explain how small changes in DNA cause genetic disorders

Summarize the problems caused by nondisjunction

My Human Genetics Disorders (Aneuploidy & Dom/Recessive) Notes & Human Heredity PowerPoint (slides 45-72)

revised 2015 Genetic Disorders PPT

borrowed in part from:

Distinguish between anueploidy in autosomes & sex chromosomes, giving examples of each

Become familiar with a variety of genetics disorders

  1. 14.2 Study Workbook


DAY 147 Go over 14.2 SW

Genetics Concept Map – make connections!

Study Guide for Human Genetics QuizStudy Guide for Human Heredity on Quizlet

Review for Test: Jeopardy?


DAY 148

Chapter 14 Test

Human Genetics Quiz


à NOVA: Cracking the Code of Life

2hour video: 1. instructions for a human being 2. getting the code out 3. one wrong letter 4. the sequencing race begins 5. ramping up 6. genetic variation 7. who owns the genome 8. the business of science 9. finding the cure is hard 10. complexity in proteins 11. the finish line 12. finding disease gene 13 DNA database 14. a family disease 15. genetic modification 16. contemplating the message 

NOVA: Cracking the Code of Life This two-hour special, hosted by ABC "Nightline" correspondent Robert Krulwich, chronicles the fiercely competitive race to capture one of the biggest scientific prizes ever: the complete letter-by-letter sequence of genetic information that defines human life—the human genome. NOVA tells the story of the genome triumph and its profound implications for medicine and human health.


DAY 148: Study Island 5d. Mutations & Genetic Variability – make sure 5b DNA & Genetics is also done!