Mrs. Newill's Fourth Grade Class

Invention Projects

4th Grade Invention Project

Taking inspiration from a story we read in 4th grade, "The Kids Invention Book" our class also created their own inventions.  Each student created an invention which they worked on both at home and at school.  Some students made an actual invention, but a small replica was another option for more difficult concepts.  These inventions were not  projects that required spending much money.  In fact, students were encouraged to simply use items found around home that they would like to improve or draw inspiration from. 

Air Freshener Book.pptx
Scented Lights.pptx
Dog Walker 5000.pptx
Hase a New Type of Hat.pptx
The Tube.pptx
Hat Fan.pptx
Super Belt 2000.pptx
Super Sure Wii Charger.pptx
Chocolate Pencil.pptx
M&M Pen.pptx
Homework Machiene.pptx
Sticky Note Hat.pptx
Computer Watch.pptx
Memory Bracelet.pptx
Solar System Study.pptx
Cat Exerciser.pptx
Flashligh, Wallet, Pencil Holder Hat.pptx
Nurf Truck.pptx